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What is the cost of shipping?
  Every order from is shipped via FedEx overnight express service for the same price of $59, no matter what the weight, size or destination. This price also includes insurance in the event that FedEx is responsible for a damaged package. Because we ship so much lobster and seafood by FedEx, this cost is far lower than you could possibly ship a package of similar weight yourself. Plus, you get a sturdy cooler and gel packs to reuse afterwards.
Why do you only ship overnight?
  Overnight shipment is the only way to guarantee that your lobsters will arrive alive and fresh. We could send other seafood by a slightly slower method, but we're not willing to compromise on freshness here either.
Will someone need to sign for the packages?
  While we highly recommend that someone be on hand to personally receive the shipment, the package will be left at the front door (or some other shady place if you can leave FedEx a note) without a signature. Remember that we are not responsible for lobsters or seafood that has been left in the box by itself for an excessive period of time. Consider sending a gift certificate or place of business as many of our customers do if necessary.
Do you ship to my country?
  LOBSTER.COM is currently only shipping to customers in the continental U.S.
Why can't I have an order delivered on Sunday or Monday?
  Because our lobsters and seafood must be shipped for next-day delivery, and FedEx will neither pick up or deliver packages on Sunday. Saturday delivery is available for orders placed early enough on Friday, but for a nominal surcharge.