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Our Fresh & Live Lobster Guarantee
  We promise
  • to deliver live cold-water, hard-shell, North Atlantic Maine or Southeastern Canadian lobsters, and/or any other seafood you order, on the date and to the Ship-To address you specify, via Fedex overnight standard or priority or shipping.

You are responsible
  • That the Ship-To Address is correct and that someone will be present upon delivery. If no one is available, you authorize FedEx to release your package at your doorstep/ or recipient's doorstep.
  • For packages that are unattended or stolen after being released from the driver's care.
  • For situations ('acts of God') which prevent overnight delivery, i.e., storms, floods or other unforeseeable hazards which may make the delivery address inaccessible to Fedex.
  • If you or the recipient are unable to be at to the Ship-To Address to receive the package, consider having the package sent to your place of work or to a friend's address. Or, you may want to arrange to pick up your package at your local Federal Express depot. (You must call FedEx in advance to make arrangements to do so: 800-238-5355).
  • If you make arrangements to pick up your shipment at a Federal Express delivery depot, we guarantee that your lobsters will be alive, providing the pickup occurs prior to the depot's closing time on the scheduled date of delivery
If you have a claim, please contact us within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery so may resolve it quickly and fairly.

Privacy Policy
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