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Lobster Keeping
Aren't lobsters supposed to be red?
  Yes, but they turn a beautiful red only after cooking them. A live lobster's natural color is a speckled dark green and/or brown. Blue lobsters are very rare.
How long will a lobster live out of water?
  Our lobsters are selected for their hardiness, but they should ideally be prepared the same day you receive them. If the lobsters are active, you can save them in the refrigerator for the next day by wrapping them in damp newspaper.
One or more lobsters I've received isn't moving at all. Is it still alive?
  If the lobster's shell is cool to the touch, chances are its still alive but very sluggish. We recommend cooking the lobster as soon as possible. When the lobsters are done cooking, their tails will be curved, not straight. If a cooked lobster's tail is straight, check to make sure that the meat in the tail is firm and fleshy (not loose or mushy like cottage cheese). If the lobster's tail is both straight and the meat is loose, then the lobster shouldn't be eaten. Call us, but remember that all claims must be made on the day of delivery by calling 401-272-3400.
What if I can't enjoy my lobsters right away?
  Lobsters can be frozen before or after cooking, but we think they are best if frozen before. See [link].