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Distinctively hearty, meaty, and robust.

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Cherrystones are the larger and the more meaty of our hard shell clams. They can be served raw on the half shell as an appetizer. Also, they are often baked with chowders and casseroles into which they infuse a discernible clean taste of the sea. A two-pound satchel contains 10 to 16 cherrystones. Don't let clams intimidate. They're easy to prepare and fun to serve. Look for our Ditty Bag in your shipping box. It contains easy information about all our clams.

Care and maintenance of Cherrystone Clams.

Cherrystone clams should be stored in your refrigerator, and kept in a well-ventilated container. Don't store directly on ice, the melted fresh water will reduce their life expectancy significantly. If a clam is gaping, and does not stay closed when squeezed shut, it should be discarded. If you follow these guidelines, you should expect your Cherrystone clams to stay in great condition for two weeks or longer.

All hard-shell clams are of the same species. They are all "quahog clams", a name derived from the Narragansett Indian word "poquauhock." The difference between one hard-shell clam and another is their thickness ( their age ) not how big and round they are. Their delectably depends on the nature of the seawater in which they live. Our hard-shell clams are not farmed. They are "wild-caught" in the icy New England waters.

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