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The Original Fryers; "Ipswich" Steamers

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Approx. 100 clams per half-gallon.
Call for availability.

  $121.00 per
  half-gallon bucket

What it is:

Our most popular clams are "Steamers in the Shell." Famous for their plumpness and taste, their shells have a distinctive oblong shape, a protruding siphon or "handle." They belong to the "soft-shell" family of clams (though their shell is more thin and brittle than soft.) Only New England coastlines produce steamer clams.

For party hosts at home, our "Flash-Frozen, Hand Shucked Steamer Clams, in half-gallon quantities of about 100 whole-bellies each, win high praise for their uniformity and plumpness. A very satisfying treat for guests of an experienced kitchen chef.

Please note: Steamers should not be eaten raw. Look for our Ditty Bag in your shipping box for recommended cooking time and hints.

Care and maintenance of Steamer Clams in the shell.

Upon receipt, place them in refrigeration; keep them dry and well ventilated. Before preparing, check each by lightly tapping its shell or by touching the siphon with a finger, fork, etc. You should see the shell close, or the siphon draw inwards. If there is no such movement, discard the clam. Handled properly, the live soft-shell clams should have a life expectancy of 10 days after their harvest date, which is printed on a ticket attached to their satchel. You can freeze soft-shell clams after they are cooked, but not before. We sell Steamer Clams in four-pound satchels, approximately 54 / 60 to a bag.

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