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Our PEI mussels are fresh, plump, and ready for you. Celebrate them with your home cooking.

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Approx. 32 / 40 per four-pound satchel.

  $25.00 per
four-pound satchel

What it is:

Prince Edward Island (PEI) rope-grown PEI mussels are the cleanest, most consistently sized mussels available anywhere. Grown plump in the ceaseless current of the briny, phytoplankton-rich waters surrounding PEI, up in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. After harvesting, they are washed and gently tumbled to remove biofouling that may be on the shells; rinsed in a flow of chilled seawater to flush sand or grit from the meat; and, "de-bearded," of any byssal threads on the shells.

These PEI mussels are ready for easy entertaining at home -- on the grill, in the steamer, or added to a pot of cooking pasta. Look for our Ditty Bag in your shipping box for recommended cooking time and hints.

Care and maintenance of Mussels:

Chill mussels upon arrival. The colder they are kept, the longer they live; 34 to 36 degrees maximizes their life expectancy. Ice mussels if there is sufficient drainage, or they die in a puddle of fresh water. Not good. Also, keep mussels ventilated, as they suffocate if deprived of oxygen. With proper handling, mussels should remain healthy up to six or seven days after arrival.

Keep fresh mussels in their satchels. The pressure provided by the tight pack helps them keep their shells shut tightly, thereby extending their life. Their two shells should be snug together at the time of cooking. Fresh mussel may be alive even if their shell are open. A light tap on the shell will cause a healthy mussel to close its shell. If the mussel doesn't react to this stimulation, immediately discard the mussel in question.

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