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Butter poach these healthy, "day" scallops.
Celebrate your good taste.

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The look, the touch, the smell, the taste of Sweet-Venus™ sea scallops tell you everything. These fresh scallops are large scallops; you'll get 10 to 16 to a pound, depending on the season. Their colors vary by season as well, from ivory, to tan, to pinkish-orange. They require little prep work for you at home, yet deliver big results -- fast. Your only worry will be not to over cook them. Look for our Ditty Bag in your shipping box for recommended cooking time and hints.

Because they are harvested on a "Day-Boat," hand-shucked, and never frozen, Sweet-Venus sea scallops are the freshest, healthiest scallops for your family or guests. Because they are "Dry-Packed," not treated with chemicals or preservatives, they retain a sweet sea smell. And because their natural albumin protein coating is intact (feels a little sticky), their wonderful natural milk is protected within, undiluted.

Our Brief Introduction to Scallopology:

When a scallop boat goes out in the morning and returns with its catch that evening, it is said to be a "Day-Boat." Nothing is fresher than day-boat sea scallops. Scallops are designated as "dry scallops" when they are not treated with chemicals or preservatives such as Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), which industrial food operations often use to add water-weight and to extend their big-box grocery store shelf life. More than a few famous TV chefs recommend washing sea scallops. They say patting them with a paper towel makes them "dry scallops." LOL. Those chefs make us slap our knees. Never wash your scallops; they are like sponges. Washing removes nature's protective albumin, so water quickly absorbs and replaces the scallop's natural milk.

Our Guarantee:
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