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Littleneck clams, so named for Littleneck Bay on Long Island, New York are the most tender of our hard-shell clams. They weigh-in at about 8 to 11 per pound. Littleneck clams are most suitable for serving on the half shell or in recipes like Clams Casino. Read More about Littleneck Clams


Cherrystone clams, so named for Cherrystone Creek, Virginia are bigger hard-shell clams. They weigh-in at about 5 to 8 per pound. Cherrystone clams are perfect in chowders, casseroles and other recipes. Read More about Cherrystone Clams


Soft-Shell Steamer Clams (aka "Ipswich Steamers") are New England's most famous clams, associated with traditional Clam Bake parties. Also, typically, the clam used for preparing fried clams. The shells are not "soft" as much as thin and susceptible to breaking. Steamer clams weigh-in at approximately 8 - 10 clams per pound.
Read More about Soft-Shell Steamer Clams