"If you are looking for just top quality whole lobsters, then Lobster.COM is your ticket. No frills, just fresh-from-the-water beauties delivered right to your door." --- Yankee Magazine

Selecting our lobsters

After they arrive from the docks, lobsters are weighed, inspected and sorted, with only the most vigorous hard-shell lobsters selected for careful packing. Since we're located less than an hour from a major FedEx shipping hub, our lobsters keep fresher by spending less overall time in transit.


If you're not happy, we're not happy.

There you have it, our service philosophy. Because many of our lobsters and seafood delicacies are given as gifts, we know how important it is to make the right impression. Also, since Lobsters are such a unique purchase, people often have questions. And we're always happy to answer.


Preserving the lobster community

'Sustainability' doesn't just mean ensuring the health of lobster populations, it means preserving the livelihood of hundreds of coastal communities whose families have depended upon lobstering for generations. That's why we're passionate about buying only cold-water, wild-caught, hard-shell North Atlantic lobsters from Maine and Southeastern Canada, and abiding by the strict regulations set by their respective governments and our industry.